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Welcome to the IRIS Helpdesk where we support former Contact Group products. We have created an extensive online knowledgebase where we aim to answer all your questions. This can be accessed by using the search function below or the menu options on the left-hand side.

If you are unable to find the answer to your question, you can log a support request with us. However, you must be registered to do this.

Registration is simple, just send an email to with your Name and School ID or Postcode (for those that don’t have a School ID) and we shall verify your email address and send you the registration email.

If you have already registered, simply send an email to (from the email address you registered with) with a description of your issues and a support ticket will be automatically created. Alternatively click here to log into the portal.

If your query is urgent, please give us a call us on 0344 815 5555.

Need remote support?

Please use one of the links below when instructed by our Support Team.

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