No absent students found - CMIS


You press the Get Absent Students button in Truancy Call and you receive the message 'no absent students found'


Make sure the registers have been taken and there are absent students today. Once done, proceed through this article.

  1. Firstly try Settings>Default Settings>Force New Day. This will cause the Truancy Call system to shut down. Log back in and try getting absent students again. If still no absent students found try the next step
  2. Has the school started a new academic year? Truancy Call must be set to look for the current Set ID.Check the current Set ID in CMIS Admin by logging into Facilty and viewing what the data set is (located towards the top and middle of the screen). Make sure this is the same as the one in Truancy Call by going to Settings>Configure and on Connections tab at bottom of page click Change under interface type.


  3. When done click OK to save and return to main screen. Then go to Settings>Configure>Default settings>Force New Day. Log back in and try getting absent students again.