The report timestamp does not match the date expected (SEEMIS)


You receive this error when trying to log in to Truancy Call for the first time today


  1. In SEEMIS go to Select >Application>Data Utilities>Export>Format1 Export
  2. Press both buttons in turn. Call each report something memorable e.g. 'contacts.txt' for the Contacts Report and 'attendance.txt' for the Attendance Report. Please save them in a location that the Truancy Call program will be able to access (if several people will be using Truancy Call on separate computers, please make this a shared folder visible to all users).
  3. Go to where you saved these files too, open the attendance.txt file and at the top it will show the roll call timestamp
  4. Double click on ‘Truancy Call’ desktop shortcut to launch software and login
  5. Go to settings>configure and on the connections tab at the bottom of the page click change under interface type. Here you will see the am and pm roll time options. Make sure it matches the time from the attendance.txt file.
  6. Once updated, go to settings>default settings>force new day>click OK
  7. Log back in to Truancy Call