Database needs to be repaired - Truancy Call


Truancy Call has been unable to connect to its own local database. Error could also be shown as: 

  • Database updates have failed
  • Cannot connect to Truancy Call database 

Suggested Privileges

You will need administrative access to the PC


32 Bit System - (If you cannot see an icon for Control Panel or Administrative Tools then you will need to consult your IT Support). 

Press Start Button, then select Control Panel
Press the Start button and select Control Panel
Select Admin Tools
Select Administrative Tools

ODBC Data Sources (32-bit)
Double Click TC_DATA_P
Double click "TC_DATA_P"
Select 'Repair' button
Press the 'Repair' button
Press OK
Press the 'OK' button
Database successfully repaired
This should display a "Database successfully repaired" message. 
If so, restart Truancy Call.

64 bit system - Go to: C:\Windows\SysWOW64>odbcad32.exe > Select System DSN > double click the Microsoft Access driver with the name TC<name of your MIS> eg. TCSIMS or TCCMIS > select Repair > press OK. Retry Truancy Call.

Possible Error Messages

  1. "You attempted to open a database which is already opened exclusively...". 
    Close down Truancy Call and ensure no other users are using Truancy Call. 
  2. "Unrecognised database format" or if repairing the databases does not resolve the issue 
    Go to the \Truancy Call sub folder on your Server (eg S:\SIMS\TruancyCall). Locate and rename the file TC_DATA_P.mdb to TC_DATA_Pold.mdb , then rename TC_DATA_P.bak -> to TC_DATA_P.mdb. Restart Truancy Call.
  3. "Not enough space on disk." It is possible the disk drive where the Truancy Call database is located is full. Free up some space and try Truancy Call again.
  4. Check your Truancy Call log file for the entry: 

Path to TC_DATA_P.mdb : 

If this is empty ensure you are logged on with local admin rights and remove the file 'TCLocalSettings.INI' from where Truancy Call is installed (normally C:\Truancy Call) 

Restart Truancy Call and re-enter initial setup information. 

If all the above has failed to resolve the problem please download this file (its a blank version of the Truancy Call database - any blocks or filters set would be lost): and save it to your local machine. Then copy this file to your server. It will overwrite any existing file, so we recommend you rename the existing file to say tc_data_p_old.mdb first of all. The likely location of the file is below: 

SIMS users: \SIMS\TruancyCall 

CMIS users: \Admin\TruancyCall 

Integris users: \Keys\Integris\TruancyCall 

SEEMIS users: \truancycall folder inside wherever your SEEMIS export files are (e.g. G:\Seemis\contacts.txt or G:\Seemis\truancycall