An error occurred whilst assigning a Workstation ID


This error occurs during the initial set up of Truancy Call.


1. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator and that when you run Truancy Call for the first time you run the program as administrator (Shift + right click > Run as administrator)

2. Check the permissions of the folder you have selected as the 'Path to' <your management system> e.g. S:\Sims or X:\Admin. The Truancy Call application is trying to create a sub-folder, to the path entered by you, called TruancyCall. This folder stores settings files, log files, and the TC database. The application requires full control to this folder to work properly.

As this can be problematic for CMIS schools, the school can opt to create a suitable shared folder on a server where permissions are less obtrusive. However, all Truancy Call users would require full control of the new folder. Then the "Path to CMIS (or shared)" can be amended to the new folder in Truancy Call.