No absent students found - Sims


You press the Get Absent Students button in Truancy Call and you receive the message 'no absent students found'


Make sure the registers have been taken and there are absent students today. Once done, proceed through this article.

  1. Firstly try Settings>Default Settings>Force New Day. This will cause the Truancy Call system to shut down. Log back in and try getting absent students again. If still no absent students found try the next step
  2. Click Settings>Configure and on the Connections page at the bottom click Change under interface type. Make sure the software is using a valid sims account username and password. If you know the account username try re-typing the password. Once done log out of Truancy Call, log back in and try getting absent students again. The account used needs to be part of the Administration Assistant and TP_SuperUser groups. You can check the account using System Manager in Sims.
  3. If the above fails, please try the following within
    • Launch with the appropriate rights to run Attendance.
    • Use the Focus|Lesson Monitor (or Attendance)|Edit Marks.
    • The Edit Marks screen is displayed.
    • From the Group Type combo, select  Whole School.
    • Select Search.
    • Select Open or double click on the highlighted Whole School Selected row.

The Edit Lesson Marks grid should be displayed for all on roll students in the school. Both  AM/PM session and Class Periods should be visible in the grid. NOTE: If you get a timeout error running the Edit Marks report in SIMS, this is the reason Truancy Call cannot retrieve student names, so we would recommend the error is referred to SIMS help desk for advice.