Report Wizard - Truancy Call

The Report Wizard allows you to view the calls/sms sent out for a time period, persistent truants and other management reports.

truancy call rep wiz

Select the report type

  • Absence Report - Basic report of all the students marked as late or absent.
  • Persistent Truants- Shows students who have been sent most calls by the system (ordered by the amount of times a call has been sent).
  • Check telephone numbers- Shows parents who persistently do not respond to the Truancy Call system. Further checks would need to be then made then to see if the contact information held in your Management System is up to date, or whether there is any other reason for non response.
  • Other Reports - Click launch to open the Other Reports page.

Choose the report type you wish to view and click Next to move on

truancy call rep wiz ind student

truancy call confirm pupil

To search for a particular student select Individual Student from the list, add the last name and click Next. Then select the student from the list by clicking on them and then click OK.

truancy call rep wiz date pulldown

The last option is to choose the date range for your report. Click on the down arrow under each date and choose the beginning and end dates for your report. Click Finish and your data will be shown if it matches your criteria

Other Reports

Usage Report

Provides useful statistics for your calls in a date range you can alter.

Parent Responses Report

Allows you to query a date range for a specific response. Below are the possible responses.

Hung upCall recipient has ended call without responding
Unaware - Connected to schoolCall recipient has opted to connect to the school, which was answered
Aware - Parent left Voice MessageCall recipient has left a voice message with Truancy Call
Answer Machine Message LeftTruancy Call has left an answer machine message
EngagedCalls which have been engaged - a number which is often engaged indicates it is either out of order or invalid
In progressCalls that are in progress at this moment
Voice Message left was too shortCall recipient has hung up immediately after the beep to leave a message. Truancy Call will not count this as a valid parent response
Unaware - No answer from schoolCall recipient has tried to connect to the school, but was unable to get through
Unaware - Parent left Voice MessageCall recipient has tried to connect to the school, but was unable to get through - so has left a voice message with Truancy Call
Late message acknowledged OKLate message has been successfully acknowledged by a parent
Responded - 'Not this person'Call recipient has pressed '2' at main menu, to indicate they are not one of the parents or main carers
Unobtainable toneTelephone number is invalid or out of order