Checking if a parent has responded and listening to a message

If the response column shows Voice Message or Txt Reply then the parent has responded to the Truancy Call message and you can either listen too or read the message

Step-by-step guide

Voice Message - to listen to a voice message, double click on the student in the main report and the change to the Amend Report tab. Here you will see a media player box with play and pause buttons. Click the play button to listen to the voice message. 
Note: If you can't hear the message make sure you have speakers attached and the sound is not muted. Please read this article before contacting us about audio problems.

Parents responce 

Text Messages - text message replies are shown in the Further Info column of the main report. You can also double click on a student, switch to the Report tab and see the message in the further info box. After the message in brackets is the number the text message came from.

Parents responce