Unable to play voice messages or cannot hear voice messages


A parent has responded to a call sent via Truancy Call by leaving a voice message but this isn't playing or you cannot hear the message


If it is happening on one message, then it could be that the parent has not left a message and it is inaudible because it is blank. Try playing a couple more messages first. If it is happening on all messages, please check the following:

1. Make sure the 'Response' of the call is 'Voice message' and not 'Answer mach'. For more information about what each response means please click here.

2. Check that the volume on your PC is turned up and your PC speakers are turned on

3. Within Truancy Call go to Settings>Configure>Test Truancy Call and under the 'Voice Messages' heading, if 'Use Web Browser' is selected try to access the internet. Once you have confirmed you can do this, attempt to play the test message by pressing Test

If this fails, change the setting to 'Download voice messages'. This will prompt you to create an audio directory. Click Yes. The test message should then play. If the message fails to play, select the 'High compatibility option' and press Test to play the test message.

4. If the test message plays OK on each setting then access the internet and enter the following website:


Should a message not be played then please refer this problem on to your IT person who should be able to assist in removing the filter for audio (wav) files to your PC.

5. If you still cannot play the message, please close Truancy Call > go to C:\Truancy Call > delete truancycallp.exe and truancycallsims.exe > run TCUpdate3.exe and TCUpdate4.exe > log back into Truancy Call and try to play the messages again N.B. it may take a few seconds for them to start playing automatically.

Users running Windows Media Player 11 may need to :
1. Uninstall the Windows Essential Codec Pack 
2. Install the K-lite codec pack fromhttp://www.codecguide.com/download_kl.htm