Exporting reports from SEEMIS Click and Go

Truancy Call works by reading simple reports generated from SEEMIS daily. 

So every morning you :

  1. Run the reports in Click and Go
  2. Start up the Truancy Call program - it will read your student data automatically
  3. TC - Select which students require a call - either 'Get Absent Students' to search your 'Attendance' report or 'Select Students' to manually select which students require a call

Running the reports in Click and Go

the seemis export window

Select >Application>Data Utilities>Export>Format1 Export

the seemis export window
This should bring up the following dialog screen: 

Press both buttons in turn. When Truancy Call was installed, whoever set it up should have already set a location and file name for the programs to read from, and this should be advised to you by them. If you are unsure, please contact them.

If you are unable to find out the filenames and location that Truancy Call is expecting to read from, please log into:

Truancy Call - go to Settings>Configure>Connection >Change which should display the filenames and their locations (see 'Paths to report files').