New intake missing and year groups out of date (CMIS)


You login to Truancy Call at the start of a new academic year and find that the year groups are incorrect and new students are missing


To resolve this, ensure that you are logged in as administrator

Truancy Call

  • Settings>Configure>Connections tab and at bottom of page under interface type click change 
  • Change the 'CMIS Set ID' field to show latest academic year e.g. change 2016/2017 to 2017/2018
  • When done click OK to save and return to main screen
  • Go to Settings>Default settings>Force New Day
  • When you restart, all should be ok.

If there is still a problem check the set id is entered correctly. You can find this by logging into Facility CMIS and checking the data set for the year. It is normally in this format 2017/2018 but can be 17/18 or 2017/18 and this is how it needs to be entered into Truancy Call