Http Error 407 Proxy Authentication Required


Receive this error when trying to log in to Truancy Call


Truancy Call is being denied access to the internet by your proxy server.

Please start Truancy Call and click Proxy Server Settings on the login box or (if logged in) go to Settings > Configure > Connection and select Proxy Settings. Ensure you have a correct username and password in the Authentication section. Retype the password, and press the Test button. When you have entered the correct settings, you will get a "Connection OK" message back. Click OK to save.

If you still get a 407 error after amending the username/password try it with them being empty and do another test. If successful click OK to save.

By default, Truancy Call detects proxy settings from your internet browser. Consider entering manual settings instead if you know them. Use the Test button to check if settings are correct.