Who do I want Truancy Call to contact?

Truancy Call allows you to choose who you would like to contact when sending a cal or sms. The option you select will determine what data is pulled from your schools MIS.

Truancy Call

  • Parental Responsibility - If you have the parental responsibility option selected, Truancy Call will obtain contacts from two people based upon this option. It will retrieve numbers from the home, work or mobile fields, If there is a number which is not included in the home, work or mobile fields, this will not be used in Truancy Call. When using the parental responsibility option in Truancy Call, the priority field is completely ignored so whatever value you have in that field will have no bearing on the contacts obtained from your schools management system. If you have more than two people with parental responsibility, they are ignored. There is no set order in which contacts are obtained from your management system. We recommend you have only mother and father marked as having parental responsibility.
  • Priority 1 and 2 - Truancy Call will obtain up to two people from your schools MIS. One person who is set as priority 1 and one person who is set as priority 2, using the numbers from the home, work, or mobile fields. If you have more than two people set as priority 1 & 2 some contacts may be ignored. We recommend you only have one person set at priority 1 and one person as priority 2. NOTE: when using this option you may need to select Relationships to make sure the relationship code being used in Sims for a contact is selected in Truancy Call i.e. if the priority 1 contact of a student is their step father this relationship code must be selected in Truancy Call in order for their details to be obtained. If you make any changes here, apply them and go to Settings > Re-check parent contacts for them to pull through.

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