What do the Truancy Call status and response codes mean?

Not expected todaynoneThe last time the student was absent, Truancy Call was told the student was not expected back in school until sometime later than today's date - see 'Date expected' column
Call queuing, Call/text queuing, Text queuingnoneCall/text is currently queuing to go out, no call or text message has been sent as yet
Called, no response yetnoneTruancy Call has attempted to telephone parent, but has had no response
Left MessageAns machMessage left for the parent on their answer machine
AwareVoice messageParent responded – play message
UnawareConnected to schoolParent has been connected to school – add reason for absence
UnawareNot connected to schoolParent attempted to connect to school but couldn’t get through/hung up before call connected
UnawareVoice messageParent attempted to connect to school but line was engaged or no one answered, so left a voice message – play message
Txt sentnoneText has been sent, but not received by phone
Txt deliverednoneThe text message has been sent to the phone (ie its beeped and shows as a new text message received) and a receipt confirming delivery of that message has been automatically sent back to Truancy Call
Txt failednoneCommon Reasons:
  • The phone number is incorrect (perhaps parent has changed number)
  • The phone is switched off or is out of service area
  • Txt failed status may occur when a text is sent before 6PM and was not receiveed on the handset before 10PM.
  • The mobile network advises us of faliure - handset cannot receive SMS messages
Txt not sentnoneThe telephone number is invalid 
Common Reasons:
  • Its likely that its length is less than 11 digits
AwareText replyParent has replied, see ‘Further info’ column for the reply
Unable to call Truancy Call has not been able to retrieve valid contact telephone numbers or they are filtered/blocked
Cancelled by user User has cancelled this call before it has been sent. Select and press delete to alter status back to 'Ready to call'
Unable to find record Truancy Call has not been able to find valid parent contacts for the pupil. If using Truancy Call with its default setting, check that within your Management System that contacts have 'Parental Responsibility' assigned or if using priority 1 and 2 make sure they have this priority set in your MIS. To find what setting Truancy Call uses go to settings>configure>calling
UnobtainablenoneThe parent has not responded to the message 
Common Reasons:
  • The phone number is incorrect
  • The parent has not responded to the call (they may have received the call but hung up without responding)