Setting up Iris Data Extractor for Scholarpack

To set up the integration between your schools’s Scholarpack system and Iris Data Extractor, please follow the steps shown below:


Step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to the unique link in your registration email or provided by our support team which should take you to this page below:

Important: Please confirm your school’s name is correct when clicking on your unique link and then click on the register button. Any concerns, please contact Support.

2. After pressing Register, you will be redirected to the below form on Scholarpack’s Authentication website. Please refer to Scholarpack documentation for assistance:

3. Please enter your credentials into the form, prove you’re not a robot, and press Login.

4. You will see a request window which confirms the permissions required for the application.

Pressing Confirm will grant Iris permission to read the listed information and a message to confirm that the integration has been successful will be displayed.