Unable to find record (all students)


After pressing Get Absent Students you notice that the status for each of the students is 'unable to find record'. This usually occurs after a Sims update has taken place at the school.


  1. Close Truancy Call down
  2. Go to C:\Truancy Call - if you can't see the C:\ drive please contact your IT support
  3. Run tcupdate3 - if you get asked to enter an admin username/password please contact your IT support
  4. Log back in to Truancy Call
  5. Go to Settings > Re-check parent contacts

    If this fails to resolve the issue go to Settings > Configure > Calling and under 'Parent Contacts' check the setting you have selected against the students record in your MIS to make sure they have a Parental Responsiblity/Priority 1 or 2 contact set

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