Database needs to be repaired - Truancy Call (Video)


Truancy Call has been unable to connect to its own local database. Error could also be shown as: 

  • Database updates have failed
  • Cannot connect to Truancy Call database 


A step by step guide for this process can be found here

Please note that the video was made on a test machine and your database maybe stored in a different location. The most likely location of the database is below: 

SIMS users: \SIMS\TruancyCall 

CMIS users: \Admin\TruancyCall 

Integris users: \Keys\Integris\TruancyCall 

SEEMIS users: \truancycall folder inside wherever your SEEMIS export files are (e.g. G:\Seemis\contacts.txt or G:\Seemis\truancycall