Number Tracing


  • A member of the public has contacted the school to say they are receiving calls or sms messages from the school in error i.e. they have no children at the school
  • A parent is claiming not to be receiving calls or sms messages from the school
  • You wish to find out what contact details are being used in Truancy Call when sending an sms or call to a particular person


Truancy Call has a built in number trace. Using this feature will give you the name of the person the number is saved against. If you cannot find the number, it means the message the parent or member of the public received did not come from your school. You can send the details to our support team if you wish and they can double check this for you.

Truancy Call

File > Search For a Phone Number

This will open the below page and allow you to search for the number in question. Please change the dates accordingly.